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Moorefield House Publishing

Staff and Contributors

Elizabeth Lazicki -- Owner

Educated to be an attorney, born to be an author.

Elizabeth began writing at an young age. She penned her first novel at the age of 16. Too practical to become a full time author, Elizabeth studied law and became an attorney.

But the call of literature was too strong. Elizabeth would scribble character descriptions and story ideas in the margins of her textbooks.

At 21, Elizabeth self-published her first novel with a lot of help from her best friend, Meg. Elizabeth learned a lot from this experience. She decided to take this experience to create her own company to help other authors actualize their dream of being published. Elizabeth enjoys writing, reading, and walking her rescue dog, Robin Hood.

Taylor Beach -- Editor-in-Chief

"I am a writer and a serial-reader. As you already know, those two have always gone hand-in-hand in the literary world. I discovered this passion for all things literary at a very early age and have pursued it my entire life. As a double English major with concentrations in both literature and writing, there is never a dull moment.

Authors are superheroes and should be treated as such. They are the creators of empathy, hope, and inspiration. They have shown me that I always have a safe place to go within the pages of a book they created. I hope one day I can make this world just a little better for others the way my favorite authors have for me.

Many people have tried to silence me throughout my life but it is through writing and the telling of stories that I found my voice. I want all those people who have been bullied, shamed, and forgotten that we will never be silenced!"

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Alma McNulty -- Poetry Contributor

Alma fell in love with reading and writing in 2nd grade. She began to write poetry in high school, and became serious about it during college. Alma writes mostly free verse and is looking to delve into other poetry genres. She is honored to have had eleven publications in literary magazines. Alma is ecstatic to be a contributor for Moorefield House Publishing! She recently completed a performance poetry class through Chicago Slam Works and looks forward to taking more. When not writing or working as a social worker, Alma is passionate about singing, dancing, traveling, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. But,

"A poet's autobiography is his poetry. Anything else is just a footnote."- Yergeny Yentushenko

Katherine Kozal -- Writing Tips Contributor

"Writing and reading have always been passions of mine that will never fade. Over the years, books were be my escape; I could forget about real life for a while by jumping into the plot and characters in a book. I continue to love reading to transport myself to new places, and encounter new people in character form.

Seeing the characters of a book or series grow and learn from mistakes teaches people about real life too, helping people see the good and the bad, and how to treat people. In the age of evolving technology, we need to keep the importance of books alive, and encourage people of all ages to keep reading.

I currently work full time in a hospital in the Nutrition Services Department, and also write for Odyssey Online. Writing is a part of my everyday life, even when my days get hectic. Someday, I hope to bring people the same escape from their lives within a published work of my own. But for now, I will continue to be thankful for the stories that inspire my own writing, and the authors that continue to amaze me every single day."

Jacob Hammer -- Book Reviewer

Jacob Hammer has been writing poetry for eight years and has received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan where he spends as much time as possible sitting on the back porch sipping coffee etc. He enjoys listening to the sound of boots on the pavement or hardwood floors. He refuses to put curtains on his windows because daylight is a resource that should never be wasted. Jacob is addicted to being near water and aspires to someday own a shack on the lake shore. 

Santino Dalla Vecchia -- Poetry Reviewer

Santino DallaVecchia is a poet from Michigan. A Master of Fine Arts candidate at Vermont College of Fine Arts, some his of work can be found here and here. Besides writing poetry and reviews, Santino works professionally in coffee and is an avid devotee of diners and monster movies.